intercessory prayer

a sacrificial praise

To  intercede is to act between parties with a view to reconcile difference; to make intercession; to beg or plead on behalf of another; to mediate. As saint's of the living God, it is our duty to intercede with the Father on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ, our unsaved family members, our friends, our neighborhoods, our schools, and nations as a whole. The Lord has always used a chosen people to intercede for those who were lost.  


all night tarrying sessions

Our all night shut-ins are a night of praise and worship unto the Lord and a night for the saints to rekindle or increase the fire of God in their lives once again. We start out tarrying for the Holy Ghost to come like a flood and consume the house; filling the saints with new tongues like in the Day of Pentecost. We pray in our normal language until the Spirit of the Living God comes and transforms our english to our heavenly language. After everyone has been consumed by the Holy Ghost, we go into worship with our entire being like King David did before the Arch and the people of Israel. 

His Way Spirit Led Assemblies


the rebuilt tabernacle of david

David was a true worshiper; who worshiped from his heart. He did not go through rituals. He was a man with a private worship and prayer life, he loved-to express his love for God, in the congregation of the saints. His worship was a blend of prescribed structure, improvised expression, full paticipatory praise and worship. It is described as David worshiped God, he used every part of his being, spirit, soul, body, this was done with all his strength and might. (II Chron. 16:6; II Samuel 6:14-16). At His Way SLA, we practice this heart of worship and strive to praise God through the good and the bad times with our whole hearts as is commanded of us.