His Way Spirit Led Assemblies

helping hands

Members volunteer to visit those who are unable to attend church to help keep them very motivated, strong in the Lord, bring good cheer, and keep them in the loop of what is going on. Also, this dedicated crew, call the different members regularly to check in with them if they miss a service, having financial issues, standing on a healing, or what ever the situation may be. We visit the elderly who often times are forgot and neglected to bring a smile to their faces, be a listening ear, and just to love on them as Christ loves each of us.

Angels Closet

Angels Closet was a long-time prayer of our Head Prophetess Kathryn Martin that God has finally manifested. The saints, locals, and other generous contributors donate clothing in good condition to bless someone who may be less fortunate. We give away clothing and shoes for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Men, women, children, and even infant items welcome.

Street Witnessing

There are many believers that do not attend church. There are those who have been church hurt. Some may have once known the Father but have since lost their way. And some have never heard of Christ and all of His goodness. We go to the streets in the surrounding areas of the Outreach to reach out to those who are lost. Some get saved right there on the side walk and others begin to attend church. All glory to God.

Community Outreach Festival

This event is held semi-annually for the community to come enjoy the festivities. We have open mic, horse riding, face painting, airbrushing, ceramics, chess tournaments, giveaways, and several booths of local businesses & partners. There is always live music and great bar-b-que.

Food Ministry

The Directors of Missions seek the Lord to provide for and meet the needs of the people within the community. We have several alliances with food banks and companies who generously contribute non-perishable food items, beverages, eggs, breads, and other fruits & veggies. We strive to feed as many families as possible and always aim higher each time.