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testimony of reciprocity 

Monique Bonner

         1. December of 2010 I was Laid off of work, in June of 2011 i lost all of my income, “zero” is what i had coming in. I stood at the kitchen window one day and I felt the Lord telling me to leave for 3 days to pray and seek him. So I did and when I returned home that same day i spoke with Dora, the owner of my house and she told me not to worry about the rent for the month of August, I didn’t have to pay her.

         2. A few days later i went to the store with my food stamp card with what i thought was less than a $20.00 balance. because i had bought food for someone else, I didn’t worry about food, because i knew God would feed the kids and I. So I went and got the things I needed for dinner that night. I thought my balance would have been $3 and some change, but when i looked at the receipt, there was a balance of over $550.00!, I had to look twice. amazed, I started the thank God right there in the store and in the parking lot.

         3. Around about the end of July, my car note was due to be paid. I received a call from the finance company for payment. While on the phone i prophesied that the payment would be in the mail that day. The night before, in service, Pastor Muzic spoke of loosing angels. So when I got off the phone I grabbed my kids and in the middle of the kitchen began to loose the angels of the Lord to go and bring us money in the name of Jesus Christ. About one hour later, the mail lady came, and in the mail was a card with $2200.00!!!

supernatural money

testimony of faith 

So how is it that the bills are being paid?? GO JESUS!! GO JESUS!!

Monthly income of tithes and offerings cover approximately 1/4th of the operating costs needed in order to maintain the facilities, which does not include special events, activities or benevolence. With this said, the Lord has supernaturally supported His house of worship with over $64,000.00 to the above date, in order to pay the bills! That is about $5333.33 “spirited money” per month that allows us to abide i the shadow of the Almighty, in his presence, the Glory of the Lord! Who says the Lord doesn’t own “everything”?…or that He can’t be his own landlord!

We thank our Senior Pastors, Muzic and Kathryn Martin for stepping out in a crazy faith just because the Lord said to do it. They give abundantly, selflessly, of their whole hearts, their whole beings, just to lead the faithful few that will follow Christ and serve him as He served His Father in Heaven above.

So just imagine what the figure is now that we are in the month of September!

Video & written Testimonies

hear from our members and guest

These testimonies are directly from members and guests that have attended our ministry and have been tremendously touched by God and their lives have been changed forever. Each person in our ministry has had their own personal encounters with God and have expressed testimonies identical to those that we are all familiar with in the word of God. We've had everything from instant miraculous healings to outer body experiences into heavenly places. Our Head Prophetess is currently preparing a book that will share all of these recorded miracles, signs, and wonders with the world. You can find out more about the book, just click here.


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